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Salvos Power Hour | Student Mentoring

Salvos Power Hour is a weekly 1 hour student-focused and volunteer-based mentoring opportunity designed to assist Primary Schools to implement one-on-one learning that supports, guides and enriches the well being and learning outcomes of students.
It focuses on the wellbeing, academic, social and emotional needs of students through the powerful and positive contribution of mentors.
Tahnee Parsons Power Hour Volunteer

Salvos Power Hour assists schools to:

  • Develop positive relationships between students/mentors in a safe, one-to-one environment
  • Build confidence and self-esteem in students
  • Support the successful learning of students
  • Promote, encourage and value parent/caregiver and community commitment and participation
  • Foster and strengthen parent/caregiver and teacher relationships to benefit students
  • Create a genuine, supportive and positive school community.
Enabling students to develop resilience and wellbeing through positive mentoring.
Student and whole-school benefits
Salvos Power Hour is a great way to get the wider community involved in your school with a focus on wellbeing. The Program enables schools to support students in a very cost effective way. Students and volunteer mentors meet at the same time, during one lesson, once a week. They are carefully matched to build upon individual student’s strengths, interests and abilities.

Salvos Power Hour benefits students because it:

  • is safe, personal and always one-to-one
  • is about relationships
  • builds confidence and self-esteem
  • takes a creative approach to learning
  • promotes parent/caregiver and community participation in the school

Students’ confidence and self-esteem is increased through the provision of:

  • personalised care
  • extension
  • enrichment
  • learning support
  • wellbeing.

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