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Growing Faith Groups

Growing Faith Groups simply create opportunities for spiritual seekers to explore faith in Jesus Christ. 

We simply suggest that a spiritual seeker, wanting to know more about Jesus Christ, read either a chapter or a story from the book of Mark in the New Testament of the Bible. After reading the Scripture we recommend they ask these five questions to themselves.



Growing Faith Questions

1. Is there anything new in this story?

2. Is there anything I don’t like?

3. Is there anything I don’t understand?

4. Is there anything I will apply to my life?

5. Is there anything I will share with another - what and with whom?

The aim of this exercise is to sow and grow the seeds of the Gospel (Ephesians 4: 1-16), with the hope of stimulating conversations of reflection and application.

Over time you might like to share with other people, either Jesus followers (Christians) or your wider network of spiritual seeking family and friends. The beauty of a Growing Faith Group is it’s a simple way to facilitate/host a group, that anyone can do because all you need to do is ask each other questions.