English Classes

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Free English Classes are run at Auburn Salvos each week 

Due to COVID19, we have reduced our English classes to only Wednesday.

Please call the office number (02) 9646 3767 or the front office for more information.



Advanced Class: 10am-12pm 

Beginners Classes: 2pm-4pm 




  • Assisting people to improve their English skills in listening, speaking, and basic grammar.
  • Increasing their understanding of Australian English, slang and cultures.
  • Improving reading and writing 

We love to help and support our community since Auburn is a multicultural suburb where a lot of migrants are coming from different nationalities. The students come from Asian, African, Indian, Korean, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Iran and Iraq cultural backgrounds.

Here are some topics that we had taught in the past few months

  • Going to doctor and medical centre
  • Banking and Finance
  • Food and Dining
  • Australian History and Culture
  • Job Interviews
  • Story Telling