Alcohol & Other Drugs Day Rehabilitation Program

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Congratulations on Taking the Steps to Recovery from Alcohol or Drug Use

We understand that addiction has significant impact to your life and to the life of those around you. We want to come along-side you to support and help you through this time. The MTC Day Rehabilitation Program has trained, experienced and compassionate staff to work with you on your journey of recovery.

MTC Rehab offers a 12 week non-residential rehabilitation program for anyone over the age of 18 years who is experiencing issues with alcohol and other drugs. The program offers a flexible group delivery model that aims to educate and minimise harm to participants through a range of different evidenced based groups and interventions. Participants can continue to receive support for up to 12 months following completion.

Apply now via the downloadable form. Referring health care professionals, Courts, friends and family members can also use this form to refer a client.

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We are able to help you

Available to both voluntary participants and those who are required (mandated) to undertake rehabilitation by Courts, Corrections or Tribunals. Skilled staff work in consultation with participants to help them to identify values and achieve goals. The program promotes self-healing and stimulates personal growth. There are no waiting lists.

Criteria to be included in this program:

  • Reside in Alice Springs
  • Experience Issues with Alcohol & or Other Drugs
  • 18+ years of age
  • Are willing to complete a Comprehensive Assessment
  • Respectful of Medication use around others
  • Willing to engage in Group work
  • Engage in treatment planning with significant others, support team
  • Willing to engage in Case Management

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Steps to get started

1. Ring for an appointment 08 8951 0200 or email

2. You will hear back within 1- 2 working days to arrange an informal assessment with a friendly staff member face to face. There is no red tape, no wait time, just a simple shortened process to get started.

3. Complete an induction to learn the next steps

4. Attend the day classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am–2pm
Classes are held at Hartley Street Alice Springs.  
The more sessions attended the more results will be obtained.

5. Certificate of course completion—a celebration!

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The program model

The MTC Program includes treatment involving:

  • One-on-one treatment planning
  • Single session education
  • Therapeutic group modules
  • Skills based and Key topic focus groups
  • Engagement in treatment planning with significant others or suport team. Read More

Help is near at hand

If you are on a never ending cycle with addiction,
which ever kind of addiction you have, 
do you want to stay in that place? 
We can partner with you to help you overcome this illness. 
We understand, as we have had many years of experience walking with people 
and seeing them move into a life of happiness and success. 
Addiction is not a battle to fight on your own. 
We understand what you are going through. 
Pick up the phone and call us or drop in and speak to one of our friendly staff. There are no waiting lists. 
We offer individual counselling, group therapy, personal development 
and a road to success.

Call 8951 0200

Contact Us

88 Hartley St, 
PO Box 0871 Alice Springs, NT, 0870

P: 08 8951 0200
E: mark.anastasiou

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