The Discipleship Experiment

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As a church we are embarking on a Discipleship Experiment. This is a personal bible study plan that aims to help us each grow in our relationship with Jesus. It is called an experiment because it it something that may work, and it may not. But we ask you to engage and give it your best attempt. Like an experiment you won't get a fair result without giving it a go.

Each week we will present a new bible passage in the video below for study. We ask you to read it and meditate on it in your own time. What stands out? Ask yourself the questions below in the LEARN, ACT and BUILD columns.

Think of yourselves as spiritual explorers - trying to navigate this new world. There will be mistakes, there will be laughter, but at the end, if you try something, there will always be growth. We as a church are expecting to see great fruit through this time as we all grow stronger roots in Christ.

Read the scripture - SOAP it. What stands out? What is Jesus showing or saying in this passage? How can you be more like Him? What may you need to learn? What could you do differently? How could your life change?

Apply what you have learned. Address a behaviour or discipline. Make a change to shomething you do or say. Be proactive and intentional. Try, attempt and risk. Be willing to fail. Adapt as you learn.

Reflect of your experience. Did it fail or succeed? Why/why not? How did you feel? What could you have done differently? What have you learned from this? Share your experience and learnings with others online, in your groups, via Facebook. Encourage and pray for others.