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The Market Place

The Market Place is an initative from City Salvos Adelaide to:

  • Meet a significant need in our city to provide additional food relief to those in need
  • To help those in need to make healthy selections in a dignified and supportive environment
  • To teach food knowledge and cooking skills to assist in healthier eating and use of fresh produce
  • Through genuine care and conversation to reach the lonely, isolated, vulnerable and disconnected

What does The Market Place look like? Click on the below image to watch our video:

The Market Place began on March 14th 2014 and occurs on the first Friday of every month.

The Market Place will offer the community access to fresh produce and baked goods, free of charge. Supported by generous organisations such as Foodbank and Second Bite, the Market Place will be located at The Salvation Army in the city at 277 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

Stalls of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products and baked goods will be available for the community to select from. With a ‘help yourself’ approach, shoppers will be provided with a shopping bag to fill, and encouraged to make healthy selections in a dignified and supportive environment.

Using the fresh produce available, we will run interactive cooking demonstrations, giving guests the opportunity to ask questions and gain confidence in the preparation and cooking of healthy, filling meals.

Using simple recipes and techniques, our hope will be that we influence and encourage those with limited cooking skills or that are culturally unfamiliar with some ingredients and cooking techniques, to build confidence in their cooking ability.

In addition we will have simple and nutritionally sound recipe sheets available, designed to take readily available and affordable ingredients and turn them in to a family friendly meal.

Social isolation is a contributing factor to depression and substance abuse within our society. There are many reasons people feel alone or disconnected; ranging from marriage or family breakdown to arriving in a new country or state, leaving loved and familiar community behind.

As part of our Market Place morning, our cafe will be open and guests invited to join us for a coffee and a chat. Through genuine care and conversation we can reach those in need. Our mission is to show God’s love in action, build community and restore dignity right here in the heart of our City.

For more information contact Laurie Sinclair on

One of the most common reasons for people seeking food relief is due to a lack of food knowledge and cooking skills.