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29 Aug 2017

Please Support the Increasing Needs of Asylum Seekers

The Salvation Army is seeking support to ensure asylum seekers are provided with the assistance needed to build a stable life in Australia.... Read more

26 Jul 2017

Inequality a major concern Salvation Army tells Senate hearing

The findings from ESIS indicate that people seeking assistance from The Salvation Army face significant financial stress and deprivation.... Read more

24 May 2017

Economic and Social Impact Survey 2017

A new survey of 1380 Salvation Army clients reveals many families living off of just $14.35 a day... Read more

Warcry My Story: Ellanor

12 Sep 2017

Warcry My Story: Ellanor

After entering a Salvation Army support program called ‘First Step’, Ellanor found faith, friendship, fellowship and family reconciliation.... Read more