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Doorways Logo

Practical assistance in times of crisis……and beyond

Doorways is the entry point; come in and get some support from The Salvation Army.

Doorways is a safe place....
a place where you are respected,
a place where we listen,
a place where you can talk things through,
a place where people care
and a place of hope...

Positive Action Planning

We can set up a plan and work with you to help get you closer to the point in life where you feel safe, involved, happy, productive, respected and valued.

Positive Lifestyle Program 

A program for all people including those who, because of difficulties in their lives have lowered self-esteem, struggle with issues around anger, grief and loss.

The program has been specifically designed to enhance participants self awareness, and to enable them to gain a better understanding of their personal life strengths.

A safe journey in exploring and evaluating your own personal experiences and skills

For more information on the Positive Lifestyles program go to : http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/secure/CMS/edit/default.aspx?id=13912  

More information on doorways is available at : http://www.sarmy.org.au/en/Social/Doorways/

Find your Doorway to a brighter future and unlock hope