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Grand Parents can share the most wonderful bond with their grandchildren and have a wealth of experience and wisdom to contribute.

Try these fun things with your grandchild to create lasting and precious memories:

Cook together
Cook some yummy treats together

Make a treasure box
Make a treasure box - decorate it together and use it to store "treasures"

Explore your garden
Explore your garden, the bush, the beach or visit the Botanical Gardens and collect treasures (leaves, gumnuts, seeds, shells, beautiful stones, feathers and petals)

Share family photos and share happy memories
Talk about your childhood, favourite toys, favourite foods, music that you loved and danced to, a "special" place that you used to visit.  Write these all down for your grandchild to store in the "treasure box" to keep forever.

“I love coming to Communities for Children events, especially to read and dance with grandchildren and their grandparents. I believe the role of grandparents is to create memories for grandchildren. Grandparents also have time to read to their grandchildren from a very young age. It is such a warm and fuzzy thing to do.”

Rosemary Mastnak, author of “Dancing with Grandma” and “Cooking with Grandma"