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Excercise tips


Exercise together
Have fun exercising as a family.  Children enjoy going for walks and playing in the park.  Take along a ball to kick and throw, or even a frisbee

Play some music
Play music that has set movements and actions children can do. Join in. Exaggerate the movements encouraging children to participate. Wiggle,jiggle and shake!

Go on walks
Go on walks to explore the environment. Talk about the change of the seasons and collect things from nature. You can also pack a healthy picnic.

Get some wheels
Go to markets, garage sales or check out the newspaper for second hand bikes and scooters. Remember to buy a safety helmet too. You can go for rides on local bike tracks.

Plant a vegetable garden
Plant a vegetable garden in your backyard. Encourage your children to check the plants regularly and water and weed them.

Make a treasure hunt
Treasure hunts can be fun, use your child's toys, hide them in the garden or the home. Ask your children to create a treasure hunt for you!