Bruce Stevens (Lt Col) - Executive Officer

Married to Debra. Has two children (Kerry and Mitchell) and four grandsons

SA Officer - Secretary for Business Administration

Home corps: Box Hill Citadel, bandsman

Appointed MSB Executive Officer in 2014

Ken Waterworth - Bandmaster

Married to Lynne; four adult children: Ashlea, Kara, Chevaune and Brandon

Employed as SA Territorial Creative Arts Director

Home corps: Box Hill Citadel since 1992; Corps band conductor [his wife says he is not allowed to be the bandmaster!]

Joined MSB in 1979, played euphonium prior to appointment as bandmaster

Father, Robin, played cornet in MSB for 31 years and brother, Darren, currently on percussion, has served 34 years. 


Stephen Creek - Soprano Cornet

Music Instrumental teacher and Just Brass Tutor 

Home corps: Ringwood, Just Brass Tutor, Bandsman, Vocal Praise, Worship band

Joined MSB: June 2014, plays cornet

Stephen’s second cousin, Michael Agnew, plays percussion currently and another second cousin, Gavin Ferrier formerly played trombone. 

Dean Rusling - Solo Cornet

Married with two children, Jessica and Corey

Self employed

Home corps: Camberwell, bandsman; originally from Hamilton New Zealand

First joined MSB 1995-96 on cornet. Rejoined in 2010 on Soprano Cornet

Brad Todd - Solo Cornet

Employed as a brass tutor at St. Andrews Christian College. Brass tutor for Ringwood Just Brass and a private trumpet teacher. 

Home corps: Box Hill Citadel, bandsman

Joined MSB in 2013, plays cornet

Father, Garry, is MSB principal cornet

Garry Todd - Solo Cornet

Married to Linda, two boys Bradley and Matthew

Employed in sales and installation of x-ray equipment
Corps bandmaster at Waverley Temple for last 15 years. (Ex Chalk Farm UK),

Joined MSB in October 1991; has played cornet and flugelhorn - was principal cornet since 2008-2016

Son Bradley plays cornet

Elisha van Gaalen - First Cornet

Is a small retail business owner/manager

Corps: Waverley Temple, band member

Joined MSB in January 2011 on cornet 

Mother, Gail, was in the band for 11 years, played cornet and horn.

Brother Ryan currently plays Bb tuba and cousin, Yasmin, horn.

Britteny Ling - First Cornet

Brass Instrumental Teacher, Just Brass tutor

Home corps: South Barwon; Bandmaster, Just Brass Leader, worship team member

Joined MSB August 2012 on cornet

Uncle, Peter Wood, played trombone in the MSB before going to training college.

Bailey Lake - Second Cornet

Gordon Moore - Second Cornet

Married to Nancy, have two children, Amanda and Johnathon 

National Account Manager for multi State Workers Compensation Programs at Allianz Australia Ltd

Home corps: Brimbank City, plays trumpet in the Worship Band

First joined MSB in 1981, again in 1996 and currently from July 2014.


Scott Downes - Flugel Horn

Married with 2 children

Employment: IT Manager

Home corps: Ringwood, bandsman

Joined MSB in July 2011 on flugel horn

Brother Craig plays euphonium; brother Greg formerly played trombone

Stephen Webb - Solo Horn (Band Sergeant)

Married to Bronwyn, has four children: Clara, Tyler, Josh and Matt

Employed as SA Human Resources Director at THQ.

Home corps: Box Hill Citadel

Joined MSB in February 2010; currently on solo horn having previously played cornet

David Berry - First Horn

Married with 2 children

Works for an international airline

Home corps: Brimbank City, Youth Band leader

Joined MSB:1999 and plays Tenor Horn

Yasmin Van Gaalen-Prentice - Second Horn

Assistant to Territorial Archivist, SA Heritage Centre

Home corps: Waverley Temple, Corps Cadet Counsellor

Date joined MSB January 2015 on tenor horn

Currently cousins Elisha and Ryan; previously, brother, Aaron, played baritone and Aunt, Gail van Gaalen, cornet


Mark Hamilton - First Baritone

Married to Kylie with daughter, Eva

Employed as a physics teacher

Bandmaster at home corps, Ringwood                      

First joined MSB 1993. Has also played euphonium.

Father (Ian) was MSB executive officer between 2010 and 2014

Wayne Collyer - First Baritone

Works in the S.A. Creative Arts Dept

Home corps: Moreland City, Deputy Bandmaster; Originally from Wollongong, NSW

Joined MSB Jan 2010; Band pianist who also plays baritone having played horn during 2012-13 


Paul Smith - First Trombone

Married to Robyn. Children: Taylah, Jackson & Riley

Employed as Director of Performing Arts at Ruyton Girls' School

Home corps: Ringwood, bandsman, Just Brass tutor,

Joined MSB January 1989 on trombone

Father, Melville, played Tenor Horn in the Band from 1976 - 2003,

brother Jamie is Principal Euphonium

Ken Marsh - First Trombone

Married to Christine. Two children Lauren & Peta

Employed as Police Prosecutor

Home corps Preston Citadel, Bandsman

Joined MSB June 2013 on trombone

Andrew Short - Bass Trombone


Jamie Smith - Euphonium

Married to Kerryn. Has two daughters, Caitlin & Emily

Employed as an Architectural Draftsman

Home corps: Camberwell, bandsman and husband of the Family & Children's pastor!

Joined MSB: July 1994, on euphonium currently, previously on tenor horn 

Father, Mel Smith was member of band for 28 years, brother Paul plays trombone. 

Craig Downes - Euphonium

Married to Kerryn, son Michael

Employed as a Finance Consultant

Home corps: Box Hill; bandsman and Planned Giving Committee member

Joined MSB January 2011 on euphonium

Brother Scott is current flugel horn player and brother Greg is a former trombonist with the band. 


Nigel Mapes - Eb Bass

Married to Jo, daughter Ellie

Public relations and fundraising manager for The Salvation Army

Home corps: Ringwood, Just Brass Band Leader (originally from Norwich Citadel UK)

Joined MSB April 2007 on Eb tuba 

Stewart Orchard - Eb Bass

Married to Vanessa, two daughters Hannah & Talitha

Employment with SA Divisional Public Relations Secretary

Home corps: Ringwood, bandsman

Joined MSB: June 2000, currently EEb Bass, previously on BBb Bass

Father, Max Orchard, played soprano and solo cornet in MSB for many years.

Ryan Van Gaalen - Bb Bass

Employed as a Secondary School Teacher

Home corps: Waverley Temple, Bandsman

Joined MSB in 2013 on BBb tuba

Brother of Elisha and cousin of Yasmin Van Gaalen-Prentice

Joel Fanner - Bb Bass


Home corps: Brimbank City Corps, bandsman

Joined MSB in August 2011 and has played Eb Bass and Bb Bass


Darren Waterworth (Band Secretary)

Married to Denise; two boys, Ben and Jake

Employed as school business manager

Home corps: Box Hill Citadel; Finance and Governance advisor                 

Joined MSB in June 1981 on percussion

Father, Robin, played cornet in MSB for 30 years, Brother Ken is current BM and uncle, Roy Ellard played baritone.

Michael Agnew

Married to Judi, 3 children: Ryan, Hollie & Tyler

Home corps: Box Hill, bandsman

Joined MSB percussion section around 1994


Shaun Maxfield - (Quartermaster)

Aged 40, married          

Employed as Postal Transport Officer with Australia Post

Home corps: Preston, bandsman

Joined MSB November 1999 as Quartermaster and Librarian