Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

Vision Kingston Gardens Corps

The vision of a church is what we believe the Lord would have us achieve over a long period of time. It answers the question, “IF we faithfully carry out the mission, what would the church look like in 5 or 10 years?”

The vision a church has is the destination that it is heading to while doing the mission it believes it is called to do. It is the picture of what the church sees the Lord wants it to achieve; both within the church and outside as it works in the community.

In saying that, Jesus' invitation is always for us to be involved in God’s Work.

I believe when we work where He is already working, He accomplishes His work with and through us in such a way that it bears fruit for His Kingdom.

We have a document describing the picture of various aspects of church life that we see happening which was written back in 2009 of what K.G. Salvo’s will look like as we live out God’s Vision.

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Mission Statement

The Salvation Army Kingston Gardens exists to be ACTIVE  and INTENTIONAL about bringing an ever increasing number of people into a life-changing relationship of Salvation and Wholeness in Jesus Christ.

It’s about TRANSFORMING LIVES through KNOWING Christ, MAKING DISCIPLES through GROWING in Christ,  CARING  for People through SERVING Christ and REFORMING SOCIETY through SHARING Christ.

Our plan is for us to have a simple biblical process for fulfilling our mission/vision

To design together a simple process that moves people through stages of spiritual growth.

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