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Workplace giving

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving (or Payroll Giving) is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to support The Salvation Army.

As an employee, Workplace Giving enables you to make a regular donation to The Salvation Army through your payroll, directly from your pre-tax pay. This means that you receive an immediate tax benefit, as the amount you donate appears on your annual PAYG payment summary.

Workplace Giving also eliminates the need to collect receipts and wait until the end of the tax year to claim the tax credit for your donations. 

  • You can give as much or as little as you’d like – just 82 cents a day ($25 a month) can make a big difference!
  • At any time you can opt out or change your donation amount.
  • You don’t have to remember to make your donation each pay – it’s all taken care of by your payroll department
  • Your employer may agree to match your donations

Whether you are an employer looking to set up a workplace giving program or an employee interested in making workplace giving donations to The Salvation Army, contact us today.


For all enquiries regarding Workplace Giving, please contact:

The Workplace Giving Coordinator
PO Box 479
Blackburn, VIC 3130
Phone: (03) 8878 2432

Workplace Giving is easy!

Fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you or you can call the Salvation Army representative in your capital city.

  • Victoria: Harvey Spikin (03) 8878 2432
  • South Australia: Hugh Ballantyne (08) 8408 6976
  • Western Australia: Warren Palmer (08) 9260 9506
  • Tasmania: Captain Craig Wood (03) 6278 7184
  • Northern Territory: Major Peter Wood (08) 8944 6000
  • ACT/New South Wales: Randy Wood (02) 9266 9629
  • Queensland: Randy Wood (02) 9266 9629

Why choose The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army has been fighting poverty and social distress in Australia since 1880. And our mission remains the same: Caring for People, Transforming Lives and Reforming Society.
Many people in our community face hardship such as hunger, homelessness, family violence, social isolation, addiction and unemployment.
The Salvation Army helps more than one million Australians every year through our wide range of community services. We are committed to assisting all people in need without regard to nationality, race, belief, sexuality, ability, or judgement of behaviour.
The demand for our services continues to grow. Behind the immediate problem is often a more serious need that requires our help. It’s not about a ‘hand out’, it’s about a ‘hand-up’ – working with people both short-term and long-term to provide hope for a bright future.

What happens to your donation?

Donations ensure the ongoing work of The Salvation Army’s community services including:

  • Food vans
  • Addiction Services (Drugs, alcohol & gambling)
  • Homelessness services
  • Court and prison services
  • Children & youth support programmes
  • Domestic and family violence services
  • Disaster relief
  • Disability services
  • Emergency services
  • Employment training programmes
  • Flying Padre and outback services
  • Rural support services
  • Migrant and refugee services
  • Aged care services
  • Youth drop in centres
  • Family counselling & welfare services
  • Family tracing (missing persons)

The Salvation Army tries to address each person's problems and needs as a whole. By doing this we try to help people get back on their feet and progressively able to take care of themselves.

In a typical week, across Australia, The Salvation Army provides (approximate figures):

  • 100,000 meals for the hungry
  • 2,000 beds for the homeless
  • 5,000 to 8,000 food vouchers
  • 1,000 people with assistance in finding employment
  • Refuge to 500 victims of abuse
  • Assistance to 500 people addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Several thousand people with counselling
  • 3,000 elderly people with aged care services
  • 40 people in the court system with chaplaincy services
  • Family tracing services which locate 40 missing family members

Your donations help make this possible.  


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