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Welcome to Helen's 'home' this winter ...

Helen lives in her car.

To stay safe, she locks the doors, takes the key out of the ignition, and hides the keys. The front seat was her ‘bed’... until it got too worn.

How does this happen to someone who had a good job?

First she lost her job, then she couldn't pay rent and got evicted. Now she lives in her hatchback and worries about whether to spend $18.75 on a dressing gown to keep warm or her next meal.

Amazingly, Helen thinks she is one of the fortunate ones because at least she has a roof over her head, even if it is just her car.

Your donation to our Winter Appeal will help the Salvos provide people like Helen with the essentials - food, warmth, a place to stay.  Please donate today.

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I think I'm fortunate