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Salvos' School Tours

Youth Homelessness

National Curriculum Resources

The Salvation Army is currently developing new and innovative resources to meet National Curriculum outcomes for Year 9 & 10 Personal, Social and Community Health or VCE Health and Human Development.  Resources will include a range of engaging lesson plans and activities on how homelessness impacts mental health and well being.  

The release and launch of the new materials will be at the ACHPER Melbourne Conference on November 27th and 28th, 2014.

Every night across Australia 28,000 Teenagers are Homeless






ABS data 2011 

To learn about the issues that contribute to Youth Homelessness and the services provided by The Salvation Army, organise for a group of your secondary students to attend a School Tour, which are held in the City of Melbourne.    Schools can book a tour as part of their city experience programme.


69 Bourke Street Melbourne, just around the corner from Parliament Station


Duration of Tour:

Approximately two hours.  The tour is interactive and starts with a one hour workshop where we talk about the definition and causes of homelessness.  DVD's, stories and an activity are used to further increase the students awareness.  After the workshop we wander the city for 45 minutes and visit locations where people "sleep rough" and talk about the issues they face on a nightly basis.


The cost of the tour is $350 (plus GST) for a group of up to 25 students, plus teachers.  This money will be used to further the work of The Salvation Army and to cover the costs for facilitating the tour.   We would not want the cost to prevent a school from participating so please contact us if you would like to discuss further. 

Youth Homelessness, See It, Study It, Change It

Did you know that you can include youth homelessness as part of your high school curriculum?

The Oasis is a documentary that follows Captain Paul Moulds from The Oasis Youth Service in his day to day work with young homeless people in Sydney, Australia

Teaching resources and study guides have been developed based on the popularity of The Oasis movie.   The teaching and learning activities have been developed to link to the content and outcomes of the Australian English Curriculum.  In Victoria these modules can also be taught across other key learning areas such as Civics and Citizenship and Community Engagement.

The Oasis documentary, teaching resources and our school tours are about raising the awareness of youth homelessness and empowering the next generation of young people to take action to prevent youth homelessness in the future.

To find out more about The Oasis Movie and the teaching resources visit the website at http://theoasismovie.com.au