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Heat With Heart

Tonight families in Australia will have to choose between switching on the lights ... turning on the heater ... or eating a hot dinner.

Right now far too many Australians are looking into the cold face of a harsh Winter. Not just because of falling temperatures, but because of the massive impact of poverty at this, the toughest time of the year.

Thousands of children, families, the elderly, people affected by homelessness, and lonely individuals living on extremely low incomes, will struggle to heat their homes,

‘Tomorrow is pension day but I have nothing to eat today.

I live alone, my wife passed away 6 years ago.  I got my electricity bill and it was $213 -  I pay my bills on time but with the electricity and phone this month I ran out of money.

I’m diabetic, I have to eat properly. You wouldn’t believe it but a $30 voucher from the Salvos makes a big difference. Otherwise I couldn’t afford any meat, and I’m a country boy! I’ll use this voucher today to get some meat and vegies.’

- Arthur

With your help, every day the Salvos can visit the homes of elderly peole like Arthur and offer a friendly chat to see how we can best help them.

Whether it be blankets to keep warm, food in the cupboard (or vouchers), or help to keep the heating on, pay their utility bills, and feed and clothe themselves adequately.

These are our neighbours, our friends, the people we rub shoulders with at the supermarket and the post office, every day.

Please don’t let them get frozen out this Winter. Heat with your heart today by making a donation to our Winter Appeal.

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