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Mary's Story

"Before I went to the Salvos I’d just about given up hope I could keep the boys. I simply had nothing left to feed or clothe them"

"I didn’t want them going into care, but I was still overwhelmed – more than overwhelmed. I sat and cried for a week.

The 3 year old wakes up screaming every night. He doesn’t toilet train. He gets very angry, very quickly. Getting him to eat is almost impossible. He’s seen mummy getting bashed and he’s been abandoned. He is frightened of everything.

I get exhausted. I constantly feel sick. I never stop and I never sit down because if I do, I think I would just collapse. Not long ago I was a size 18. Now I am a size 8.

My first contact with the Salvos was out of sheer desperation. I looked them up in the phonebook, walked in, and fell apart and cried and cried. When I sat down with the Salvos I felt sheer relief!

They helped us with clothes, food vouchers, baby formula and nappies. They showed me how to apply for the Centrelink parenting payment, and look at housing options for the future.

At Christmas the Salvos organized for the boys to receive a train set and a grader and a digger. I got them a sandpit. You should have seen the boys’ faces on Christmas morning! It would have been horrible without presents.

There has been so much care from the Salvos – it’s been amazing. The friendships I’ve formed there will carry me a very long way.

And I want to say to Donors – thank you! Your help has meant so much to all of us. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.”

You can give people like Mary and the boys a new beginning. Please, donate to the Christmas Appeal now to bring hope where it’s needed most.

Mary's Story | The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

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Did you know:

  • At least 20,000 Australian grandparents are sole carers for grandchildren?
  • 70% of these families live on below average income?
  • Almost half these grandparents suffer long-term illness or disability?
  • 62% report their health has worsened since caring for their grandchildren?