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Leah's Story


Leah is a single mum with three children and does the best she can but sometimes she may only have $2 left at the end of each week. But she and her children draw strength from the help they receive from The Salvation Army family. Even something as simple as a cuppa and a chat can make a huge difference.

"We've been going to The Salvation Army Christmas luncheon for the past four years. It's wonderful. The kids have so much fun. Christmas is a day you want to make special for your kids. 

I could never afford to take them out for a meal like this. When I say, 'Thank God for the Salvos', I really mean it."


Salvos Wishes catalogue is your chance to improve someone else's life this Christmas. Because every Wishes gift is a way to make life better for someone who's really struggling at Christmas.

There are so many gifts you can give your friends and loved ones at Christmas.But how many really embody the very meaning of the season of goodwill itself?

Imagine being able to tell your loved ones, friends or colleagues: 'together we made a wish come true for a struggling family'.

That's what happens when you give Salvos Wishes as gifts.

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