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The 5 Phases of the Emergency Action Plan

Phase 1: Your Help Delivered

SES teams, police rescue and fire-fighters work long shifts in tiring, extreme conditions. Salvation Army Emergency Response teams set up temporary kitchens behind the frontline.

Phase 2: Reassurance and Support

Salvos teams ensure each new arrival receives a warm, friendly welcome. People are registered (so loved ones know they are safe) and shown how they can receive financial help.

Phase 3: Trauma Care

Trained Salvos counsellors offer a safe environment in which to share feelings and fears, provide counselling and care, and referral to specialist care when needed.

Phase 4: Recovery Essentials

Once survivors’ immediate physical needs have been met and they’ve had a chance to speak with trained counsellors, they require support with practical life essentials.

Phase 5: Continuing Care

This is where local Salvation Army officers and volunteers play a critical role. By remaining in the area, they can ensure people in danger are not lost or left behind.