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The Red Shield Appeal

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Roy's Story

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Most people don't see it, but the streets have changed and not for the better.

There are new problems: desperation, vulnerability and the kids that have just fallen through the cracks.

"It's so hard to see it every day and do nothing." -- Roy (Taxi Driver)

Richard's Story

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Even over the drone of the engine and the whine of the hydraulics, Richard hears and sees things on his morning garbage collection that makes him feel like he should do something.

"It's tough man, it's really tough to do nothing. And then I see them." -- Richard (Garbage Collector)

Lloyd and Lumo Energy's Story

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Lumo Energy's Field Officer, Lloyd, sees people experiencing hardship every day. He is sent out to their door to assist where he can, but wishes he could do more.

"It's so tough wishing you could have done more and knowing that eventually you'll have to come back." -- Lloyd

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