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What is domestic violence?


"The Salvos helped me when I needed it most. If it wasn't for them, I don't know where, or who I would be today."

Tessa, former Salvos client

At least 23% or 2.2 million Australian women have survived instances of domestic / family violence.

The abuse and threat of abuse may manifest, singularly or in multiple patterns, as follows:

  • psychological
  • verbal
  • physical
  • social
  • sexual
  • financial.

What is Domestic Violence

  • Physical abuse: pushing, hitting, kicking, choking, hair-pulling, using/threatening to use weapons
  • Sexual abuse: unwanted sexual acts (rape), pressure to watch or participate in pornography
  • Verbal/Emotional abuse: name-calling, insults, threats, belittling, mind games
  • Psychological abuse: causing you to feel crazy or saying you have mental problems
  • Financial abuse: withholding or controlling finances, providing an inadequate 'allowance', gambling with your joint money, stealing from you.
  • Social abuse: isolating from family, friends and other supports, preventing you from going out, monitoring your movements
  • Harassment/Intimidation: bullying, threatening looks, words and gestures, accusations of false affairs
  • Stalking: being followed, watched, monitored directly and/or indirectly through friends or mail.
  • Damaging property: smashing only your possessions
  • Spiritual and cultural abuse: criticising and stopping spiritual or cultural beliefs and practices
  • IT: Texting, emailing or messaging to harass, intimidate and abuse

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