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Gambling Help Line

Should you need to get help with gambling any time of day or night, you can contact the national number is 1800 858 858.

Within South Australia, callers can phone either 1800 060 757 or 1800 858 858 and they will be put through to the Gambling Help Line staffed by people with knowledge of services that are specific to South Australia.  

Gambling supports that are not part of the funded ‘Gambling Help Services’:

Self-Help Groups

The following self-help groups are not part of the Gambling Help Services, but some people find their particular group style of services and support helpful. They are both listed in the White Pages for Adelaide www.whitepages.com.au

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Pokies Anonymous

Other Private Gambling Assistance Providers

  • See the yellow pages under psychologists or counselling.
  • If seeking a psychologist in private practice you can ask the Australian Psychological Societywww.psychology.org.au to suggest a list of possible psychologists who claim to have expertise relevant to the gambling area.

Community Responses to Problem Gambling

There is a lot of scope for the community to get involved in reducing problem gambling. Some of our educational and group efforts are heading in this direction.

Keep checking this site for updates on some new and developing programs.

Gambling Advocacy, Lobbying and Interest Groups

Related websites

There is a large number of websites available regarding various aspects of rehabilitation of gambling problems. Searching for these in conventional ways can be risky as you may unintentionally find yourself at a site where internet gambling is being promoted.

Use the list below for sites that have been checked and considered appropriate. We will change the sites on a regular basis, so keep visiting us. The suggested sites to look at for now are:

Problem Gambling Website - South Australia - www.problemgambling.sa.gov.au 
Free Yourself - Victoria - www.freeyourself.com.au
‘Gambling Help Line’ – New Zealand - www.gamblingproblem.co.nz
‘In ya face – Youth Gambling Help Line’ – New Zealand - www.inyaface.co.nz

Glossary of terms


Gambling is risking something on any event, the outcome of which is determined largely by chance.

Pathological Gambler

A ‘Pathological Gambler’ is a person who finds themselves at the more extreme side of problem gambling where the gambling has taken such a strong hold on the person that they behave in ways similar to a person with a physical addiction or with an overwhelming psychological compulsion.

Problem Gambling

‘Problem Gambling’ is characterised by difficulties in limiting money and/or time spent on gambling which leads to adverse consequences for the gambler, others, or for the community. 

In Australia this term and the definition above has become widely adopted and it is often used to refer to both the more extreme end of gambling that in other jurisdictions might be termed 'pathological gambling', and less extreme or moderate forms of gambling.


Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) or poker machines.

Recreational Gambling

‘Recreational Gambling’ is a term often used to describe gambling behaviour that has not been identified as being associated with any significant adverse consequences for the gambler or for others.  A 'recreational gambler' is not necessarily immune from developing problem gambling under certain circumstances.