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Alison Drummond (Sergeant)

Name: Alison Drummond 
Family: Arthur (husband - MSS tenor) and Martin (son)
Employment: Teacher
Interests: Travel, reading, music
Commenced with MSS: May 1995 
Corps Activities: Songster
Favourite Food: Risotto
Favourite Vocal Piece: To hard to choose. I have many
Favourite Scripture Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Highlights of MSS: Visit to Canada 1997, ISS 20th Anniversary London 2000, Visits to Corps around Australia
As a Christian being in the MSS means? I've always loved singing and my involvement in the MSS gives me the opportunity to share my love for Jesus in a ministry that allows me to sing. Music has a unique way of touching the soul and I consider it a privilege to share my faith through this avenue of service.
Alison Drummond