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Work With Us

Employment at The Salvation Army provides a career with a difference, offering reward and satisfaction as we deliver services that provide assistance to more than one million Australians every year.

Our People

Through the diversity of services we provide, employment opportunities are varied.  We employ people in roles such as:

  • social workers and case managers;
  • welfare and support workers;
  • youth workers, residential support workers, foster carers;
  • employment consultants;
  • financial, general, crisis and gambling counsellors;
  • psychologists, nurses and personal carers;
  • specialists such as public relations, IT, fundraising and marketing, HR and training, audit, finance, accounting and property personnel;
  • administrators, cleaners, maintenance and food services staff;
  • sales assistants, store managers and regional managers; and
  • journalists and media producers, events managers and librarians.