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Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Budget Repair) Bill 2016

The Salvation Army again welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Social Services Legislation
Amendment (Budget Repair) Bill, which was first introduced in 2015 but lapsed in April 2016 due to
the prorogation of parliament.

As this (2016) bill reintroduces, without amendment, the same four measures, The Salvation Army
has reviewed its responses to the 2015 bill and stands by the position and comments already
outlined therein. A copy of our response (18 January 2016) to the 2015 bill is provided at
Attachment 1.

In summary, The Salvation Army:

  • does not support changes to the Social Services Legislation Amendments (Budget Repair) Bill 2016 - Schedules 2, 3 and 4 as these changes would directly and negatively impact on many of the individuals and families that The Salvation Army already supports.
  • maintains its concern that budget ‘repair’ appears to be defined only in terms of potential expenditure savings and does not sufficiently consider revenue measures. The Salvation Army strongly recommends the government ensures any reforms to balance the budget focus on both revenue and expenditure and not unfairly focus funding cuts on vulnerable groups who can least afford to be further marginalised.


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