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Message from the Territorial Commander

Territorial Commander Floyd TiddIn this, The Salvation Army Australia’s 133rd year, we have continued to build on our work and vision of a world where human need is met without discrimination.

It has been an exciting six months for my wife and I after arriving in Australia from Canada in June to commence our new roles as leaders of the Australia Southern Territory. One thing inparticular has struck me: The Salvation Army is an integral part ofthe social fabric of Australian society and its spirit is alive and well.

The Southern Territory of The Salvation Army covers a vast amount of Australia and spans thousands of kilometres – much of it vastly different from one town to the next. Within it The Salvation Army operates hundreds of unique and specialised programmes offering a range of services to assist people.
As Territorial Commander I have been privileged to travel to all states in the Southern Territory this year and have seen our people at work on the front line. From rural areas of Western Australia to the streets of Melbourne, The Salvation Army is there meeting the need without discrimination and judgment.

And in 2013, we have seen great need.

Measured by income, most Australians have never had such high living standards. Yet there remain some groups who are falling dramatically behind. This year, floods, tornadoes and bushfires have devastated towns and uprooted lives. The Salvation Armycontinues to provide support to those affected.

The Salvation Army also exists to stand by individuals experiencing their own personal crises or whose lives are consumed by addiction, poverty and loneliness every day. The unloved, the neglected, the forgotten, the marginalised and the lost – these are the people that The Salvation Army serves. My prayer is that in the year ahead The Salvation Army will continue to be the support, love and refuge that these people need. With the support of the community I believe this is absolutely possible.

In the following pages you will find stories of our work with people and communities and the achievements of the past year. This year over one million Australians experienced the love of Christ through The Salvation Army. As a result lives have been changed for good.

At The Salvation Army we can never forget that thousands of Australians have been our partners in this mission of transformation. There is an army of volunteers and supporters who work with us. We are privileged to be a part of the generous Australian community who share our desire and mission to look out for people doing it tough.

We will continue to strive to alleviate human suffering. Motivated by God’s love, we will seek to provide a wide spectrum of spiritual and emotional care to struggling individuals and families and empower people to get back on their feet. We will continue to be innovators in the fight for social justice and give a voice to the voiceless. We look forward to working with you – our colleagues, supporters and donors – to reach out with arms of love and offer hope and a positive future to those in greatest need.

Commissioner Floyd J Tidd
Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory