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Sustainability and environment title

Salvos storesOnce again the increasing volumes of illegally dumped rubbish ensured the focus from a sustainability perspective was firmly on this issue throughout the year.

Overall national costs increased 32% due to the implementation of the Carbon Price Mechanism, individual state levy increases and a general increase in volume of waste received.

External service costs rose nationally by an average of 35% with significant increases in Victoria (39%) and NT (58%).

With ‘waste’ still the single largest contributor to our Carbon Footprint, the focus in this area also ensured that Salvos Stores remained committed to reducing our Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Despite the heavy costs associated with cleaning up this community generated waste, SalvosStores justifiably prides itself in being able to divert over 17,000 tonnes of products away from landfill per annum through sales via the Salvos Stores retail chain. This has the effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by around 16,000 tonnes.

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