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Strategic plan

The Salvation Army strategic plan front coverThe Strategic Plan 2011–2015 embraces the philosophy of making the future in the present, and is structured around the themes of strategy, strength and sustainability.

The plan addresses four central areas of Salvation Army operation: social programmes, corps, business units and administration. Through consultation, the leadership of The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory has set the course of the organisation through this plan.

In 2012, several working parties were established to focuson areas of ministry such as corps growth, accountability and performance, effective programme delivery, workforce capability, financial sustainability and efficiency and effectiveness in administration, to name a few. The reports of these groups were formulated and presented to the Territorial Policy Council for consideration. Many of the recommendations suggested by these groups were adopted and they have been systematically rolled out to bring about improvement in the areas previously outlined.

There is still additional work to be done regarding the areas of:

  • core competencies and future need
  • increasing the spiritual input and awareness within social programmes to respond to holistic human needs
  • greater administrative efficiency.

Further focus groups have been established to provide a clearway forward in these three areas, and continual progress is being made in all other aspects of ministry and operation where focused attention is being directed. This process will continue on now as we progress the plan into reality, and by so doing, secure a greater degree of strength and sustainability as we move forward into the future.