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A Great Place to Work


Employment at The Salvation Army provides a career with a difference, offering reward and satisfaction as we deliver services that provide assistance to more than one million Australians every year.

Career Diversity

The Salvation Army employs people across a large and diverse range of professions, from the community and caring professions to corporate functions, support staff and retail.

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Make a Difference

Employees make a difference through the direct service that they provide in supporting people in need, or in roles that positively influence decision-makers impacting on our community, such as governments or government departments.

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Our People

Professional Development

The Salvation Army assists employees by offering in-house training, study leave and financial support for development programmes that help achieve the mission of The Salvation Army.

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Family and Domestic Violence Support Policy

The Salvation Army's Family and Domestic Violence Support Policy provides for special leave, flexible working arrangements and support for employees who are in, or are seeking to remove themselves from, a family or domestic violence situation.

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Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible rosters, nine day fortnight/19 day month, purchased leave, working from home, job share and flexible working hours are some of the work arrangement options available to employees.

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Our People

Staff Benefits

As a not-for-profit organisation, The Salvation Army offers generous salary packaging arrangements that increase employees’ pay. We also offer benefits such as tax-free meals, entertainment and holiday accommodation.

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A Respected Charity

The Salvation Army is one of Australia’s most well-respected and well-known charitable and welfare organisations, with a brand known worldwide.

Values-Based Organisation 

The Salvation Army cares about people, and it is through our values of human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community, that we bring focus to the lives of others.

Support for Staff

The Salvation Army understands that work and life can be challenging, which is why we offer a free counselling service to all our employees and their immediate families through the employee assistance programme. 
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A Worldwide Organisation

The Salvation Army is at work in more than 125 countries, providing our staff with exposure to various cultures and experiences from all parts of the world.