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Reforming society

The Salvation Army’s mission is to help those who, for a range of reasons, have lost the ability to help themselves and give a voice to the voiceless. Part of The Salvation Army’s role is to advocate on behalf of the people that come through its doors every day, ‘speak out’ on a range of major issues, and seek to create social change.

The Salvation Army does this through undertaking high-level research relating to key areas of work, challenging and influencing policy makers, developing relationships and working with the government, issuing media statements and educating people of all ages.

As an authoritative voice in the not-for-profit sector The Salvation Army speaks for the marginalised and uses its resources and expertise to effect change and lobby powers to understand the plight of the disadvantaged.

Urban Justice Centre – The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614

Urban Justice Centre 614In late November 2012, The Salvation Army’s Melbourne Project 614 launched the Urban Justice Centre – an exciting and innovative addition to a suite of progressive responses that Project 614 is making to homelessness.

Melbourne Project 614 delivers integrated services to the forgotten and voiceless people of Melbourne, those who are homeless, marginalised or living in poverty and those suffering from serious mental health issues.

The Urban Justice Centre is a legal service assisting clients of Project 614 and helping create pathways out of their state of social poverty. It provides a fully integrated legal service, delivering legal advice, advocacy and court and tribunal representation for clients of Project 614. Importantly, it is accessible because it is located at 69 Bourke Street as one of arange of services delivered under the one roof, including a psychologist, an early intervention homelessness programme, mental health nursing service, education, training and employment service and accommodation.

Urban Justice CentreThere are many reasons why people can become involved in legal proceedings:

  • homelessness 
  • mental illness 
  • alcohol and other drug use 
  • addictions 
  • stress; and 
  • social isolation.

Around 90% of 614’s clients have special, highly complex circumstances impacting their criminal behaviour. The Urban Justice Centre is vital in that its expertise and professionalism ensures that many are kept out of custody and are represented well.