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18 Feb 2015

No Home, No Safety

An interim ‘Cost of youth homelessness’ report captures the struggle of homeless youth throughout Australia.... Read more

13 Feb 2015

Response to South Australian Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence

The Salvation Army comments on the Family and Domestic Violence Inquiry and offers its perspective and recommendations.... Read more

04 Feb 2015

The Salvation Army Victoria State Budget Submission

The Salvation Army challenge the Labor Government to take a long-term view of the future and make investments in key programs and policies... Read more

01 Dec 2014

Caring for People Across Australia

A snapshot of Salvation Army Community Support Services... Read more

14 Nov 2014

Annual Report 2014

The Salvation Army 2014 Annual Report documents achievements for the 2013-2014 financial year... Read more

06 Nov 2014

Response to Out of Home Care Inquiry

The Salvation Army has made a national submission to the senate's community affairs references committee inquiry into out of home care.... Read more

10 Sep 2014

Victorian Election Platform 2014

The Salvation Army’s greatest areas of concern at this time include housing and homelessness, justice, family violence, out of home care and health.... Read more

05 Sep 2014

Income Inequality in Australia

Response to the Income Inequality Inquiry, including recommendations for a more just and equitable approach to social welfare and income equality. ... Read more

22 Aug 2014

Response – ACNC Options Paper

Submission made on behalf of The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory and The Salvation Army Southern Territory Response to the Options Paper – ... Read more

20 Aug 2014

Response to the Welfare Review Interim Report

Response to the interim report of the reference group on welfare reform – A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes.... Read more

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