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03 Jul 2015

General Eva Burrows honoured at International Congress

General Eva Burrows was admitted to the Order of the Founder, The Salvation Army’s highest honour yesterday at International Congress.... Read more

01 Jun 2015

Red Shield Appeal 2015 Doorknock results

The Salvation Army has thanked Australians for their generosity with $4,882,039 being raised this weekend.... Read more

27 May 2015

Salvo Battlers Doing It Tough

The fourth consecutive report by The Salvation Army exploring the levels of deprivation and disadvantage experienced by those who access our Emergency... Read more

23 Jun 2015

The Salvation Army's Response to the Nepal Earthquake

Almost two months after the 25 April earthquake in Nepal, The Salvation Army continues its vital response.... Read more

02 Jul 2015

Warcry My Story: Self-destruction

The spiral of self-destruction and the way out for Michael Peattie.... Read more