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Latest News

20 Oct 2014

‘Affordable SA’ app launched

The Salvation Army and the South Australian Government have teamed up to create the ‘Affordable SA’ app ... Read more

15 Oct 2014

Salvos Street Outreach Service, Perth

On any given night in Australia one in 200 people are homeless. Our response to homelessness has expanded.... Read more

15 Oct 2014

Financial self-help tools website

This year the Salvos have supported more than 7,500 people with financial counselling. ... Read more

16 Oct 2014

International: Supplies distributed to flood victims

In Bangladesh an estimated 10,000 people have lost everything. ... Read more

29 Oct 2014

Warcry My Story: Power of the word

Munkhtuul Sodnomtseren shares how she found a greater purpose in life through her faith.... Read more