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25 May 2016

Economic and Social Impact Survey 2016

National survey reveals full scale of hardship with some families living off less than $16 a day... Read more

24 May 2016

Homeless charities call for targets to halve homelessness by 2025

Homelessness service providers call on political parties to make reducing homelessness a priority.... Read more

04 May 2016

Federal Budget Offers Little Hope For Struggling Australians

Whilst welcoming investments in employment, The Salvation Army says Australia’s vulnerable will miss out.... Read more

28 Apr 2016

World First Study: The Cost of Youth Homelessness

The study attempts to understand the impacts of youth homelessness in terms of economic costs.... Read more

25 May 2016

Warcry My Story: Jake Clanfield

Jake Clanfield shares how God made him a new man.... Read more