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The Salvation Army Avon Valley Ministry

We are a community motivated by a connection with our creator. 
Our mission is to share our experiences and understandings of this, and to meet human needs without discrimination. 

Here you will find information about our Northam and York Corps (churches), and their ministries within the Avon Valley area.

Whether you are looking to join a welcoming community, make new friends, find out what we offer for youth and kids, men and women, families and individuals, people in need of support, people wanting to deepen their faith... you have come to the right place. Welcome!

Upcoming Events

The Salvation Army Avon Valley Ministry


3 Elizabeth Street,
Northam WA 6410
PO Box 296, Northam WA 6410
Phone: (08) 9622 1228

71 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302
PO Box 296, Northam WA 6410 
Phone: (08) 9641 2547