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The foundation of God's church, is God Himself. Communication with Him, our Creator, is paramount. We take this very seriously at The Salvation Army Gosnells. As well as venturing into prayer within our own individual lives, we gather together for prayer in two main ways:

Prayer Triplets

A prayer triplet is a small group, usually 3 – 5 people, who meet together on a regular basis, usually weekly, to pray together. They provide an opportunity to enjoy fellowship, spend time with God, and offer a chance to share the issues, concerns, prayer and praise points with close fellow Christians. We have multiple instances of these groups running. More information on how to join an existing group or to how start up one of your own can be found in our Prayer Triplets Flier.

Prayer Gatherings
We regularly gather together our prayer triplets (and anyone else who would like to join in), so that we can praise God for the work which He has done, petition Him for the desires of our heart, and fellowship with each other, and with our Maker.