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Youth Services

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Reconnect assists young people who are homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless to stabilise their living situation, develop more positive relationships with their family and support connections with education, work, training and the community.

Reconnect services provides counselling, mediation, group activities and practical support for the whole family.Our goal is to give young people the tools to settle their living arrangements, stay connected and build supportive relationships.

Leaving Care Program
Leaving Care Program is a service for young people aged 16 to 18 years of age, who were subject to a Custody or Guardianship to the Secretary Order on their 16th birthday, making the transition to independent living from Residential or Home Based Care.

The program aims to provide young people exiting care achieve better outcomes, it proides young people the support in developing their independent living skills, making links with educational and training programs.

The program also aims at preventing homelessness through the creation of pathways to sustainable housing. Referrals to the program are made via Case Managers to Placement Coordination Unit at DHS.

Finding Solutions Program
Finding Solutions is a diversionary program for families of young people aged 12-18 years who are at risk of leaving the family home or have recentrly left the home due to conflict, and where the family wants to remain as a unit.

The objective of the program is to provide a rapid response to prevent family breakdown. Finding Solutions is to provide support to parents and young people that assists them in identifying behaviours and/or issues that are placing their relationship at risk of breakdown, which eases tension in the family without severing links or reducing parents' capacity to care for the young person. Referrals to the program come from DHS intake.

Tools for the Trade Program
Tools for the Trade is an eight week trade orientated program, aimed to assist young people who are disengaged from main stream schooling and at risk of long term unemployment.

The program seeks to re-engage young people back into the education sector and/or assist them to secure apprenticeships. Throughout the program, young people are able tt participate in "hands on Trade Tasters" that are organised in partnership with Chisholm TAFE and slo are able to participate in work experience to give them an understanding of a work environment.

The program has a strong focus on helping young people to further develop their general life and social skills, this is achieved by numerous skills development sessions as well as mentoring days.

As most participants are early school leavers and have lost interest in school for a number of  reasons, the program aims to be as hands on as possible to keep them interested. Many students that attend the program generally have identified learning difficulties or medical conditions that make mainstream schooling challenging for them.

Positive Lifestyle Program
This program is specifically designed to enhance participants self-awareness, in addition to enabling them to gain a better understanding of personal life skills over a ten week period.

It is a program designed for people who, because of difficulties have low self-esteem, struggle with issues of anger, grief and loss. Participants can register on their own, be referred by an Employment Plus worker, Social Worker, Salvation Army Court Chaplain or ordered by a Magistrate.

The Chaplaincy program provides spiritual direction and pastoral care to staff and participants of SESN programs by offering:

  • Companionship (sharing the journey)
  • Spiritual Guidance (nurturing a person’s spirituality)
  • Advocacy (acting on behalf of victims of injustice).

SalvoCare Chaplains also provide links with broader Salvation Army Services and other faith and community groups.

Transition to Independence Unit (T21)
T21 is an integrated housing and support model for young people aged 16-25 years. The program provides accommodation and delivers independent living and life skill programs. Over a two year period, young people are also given access to accredited education and training and to employment opportunities. A Family Reconciliation program also operates out of the Centre which aims to assist young people resolve conflicts and re-establish relationships with their families and others who play an important role in their lives.

Referral Process
For information about programs or referrals,contact SalvoCare Youth Services office on (03) 9781 0188