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Intensive Care and Family Support (ICAFS) Program

The Intensive Care and Family Support (ICAFS) program provides intensive care on a needs-basis and supports families often by being the communication link between young people and their families.


This work also assists placements and Case Managers in their delivery of services. As the sole ICAFS Worker in the program, Dom Sorbara possesses an uncanny knack of being accepted into families and the lives of young people that he supports. This skill enables Dom to advocate and target the services or needs through a strong knowledge, obtained directly from the family and young person.

Whether it's dressing up as the Easter Bunny, singing Christmas carols, delivering hampers, visiting Secure Welfare or just feeding a young person in Sunshine, Dom makes everyone feel special.

This was recognised this year by an award from the Centre for Excellence in the provision of outstanding outreach work delivered to young people and the many who he continues to support and those who have left our services.