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Melton Foster Care

Melton Foster Care provides a child-focused quality service to children and young people in-and out-of-home care



Melton Foster Care is a foster care program that provides temporary family-based foster care placements for children aged between birth to 17 in the North and West metropolitan region of Melbourne.

This service commenced 17 years ago and has grown to become a vital and valued program within the Home Based Care Services system. As part of a service agreement with DHS, Melton Foster Care can provide placement for up to 36 children at any one time from the North and West region. The program has 25 active foster care families who make their homes available to children who have experienced trauma and abuse. Melton Foster Care also provides voluntary respite placements for families in the local community who do not have a support network. The placements are supported by a team of case workers who, together with foster carers, ensure that the children’s health, emotional and educational needs are met.


The Goals of this Service:

  • To offer quality care that is focused on the children/young people’s best interests and maximising their potential
  • To provide children and young people who are in out-of-home care the opportunity for their voice to be heard and respected
  • To respect the privacy of children and young people in out-of-home care
  • Provision of a high-quality care to children and young people that addresses their particular needs and improves their outcomes
  • Continued improvement and enhancement of life-outcomes for children and young people residing in out-of-home care
  • Making sure that the out-of-home care outcomes for children and young people are measured, monitored and reported in a transparent and consistent matter.

In 2011, Melton Foster Care:

  • Provided placement for 119 children and young people from the North and West metropolitan region which consisted of 91 general placements, 14 intensive and four complex targets
  • The placements ranged from overnight to several years, with the ultimate goal being that the children are returned to their parents or extended families
  • Provided care for children that experienced a range of traumas including abuse, neglect, parental domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness
  • Negotiated in 'Tailored Care' packages to support the complex needs of three children, offering a flexible and supportive approach with therapeutic support.
  • Supported three children into Permanent Care as they were unable to return to their respective families of origin.



9747 8310


38 Station Road, 

Melton 3337