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HBC Recruitment and Training

The Home Based Care Recruitment and Training Unit are responsible for the publicity, recruitment, assessment and training of people from the community who have expressed interest in becoming foster parents.


The Westcare HBC Recruitment and Training Unit attract potential caregivers for all three of Westcare’s Home Based Care Programs: Adolescent Home Based Care, Melton Foster Care, and the Circle Therapeutic Foster Care Pilot Program. The HBC Recruitment and Training Unit also organises and coordinates ongoing training and development opportunities for foster parents.

In addition, the HBC Recruitment and Training Unit deliver state-wide familiarisation training in ‘Shared Stories, Shared Lives’ (Victoria) and ‘Step-by-Step' (Victoria) to the sector. This training has been delivered to the sector for the past four years with further contracts for the next two years. In 2011 we also partnered with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) to deliver familiarisation training in ‘Our Carers for Our Kids’ and ‘Step-by-Step Aboriginal Assessment Tool’ to Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisational staff working in foster care.


Activities of the HBC Recruitment and Training Unit include:

  • Producing and distributing caregiver newsletters
  • Intake and response to initial caregiver enquiries
  • Attend and facilitate information sessions with potential foster carers
  • Conducting assessments and facilitating training for foster carers
  • Collating enquiry information packs
  • Assisting foster carers with life-story work, including the purchasing of resources and collating Life Story boxes
  • Fundraising activities such as sausage sizzles, cookie dough and bus tours
  • Promoting foster care in the local community, including featuring in news articles about foster care
  • Organising caregiver events and celebrations
  • Facilitating the sending of birthday and anniversary cards to caregivers
  • Seeking feedback from caregivers on support needs.