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Trauma Recovery Centre Open Day

Yesterday, Westcare officially opened its new Trauma Recovery Centre in Kerrisdale, northern Victoria.

Senior manager for Residential Services, Peter Annesley, opened the centre and voiced his pleasure at having a new location to bring Westcare’s most at risk young people.

“We have kids who need that time to go away or chill out in a particular space, whatever reason it may be, but don’t have the time to wait in line. Now we can bring them here.”  

Following the official opening, Westcare’s General Manager, Peter Mulholland, took Westcare staff as well as Major Alan Milkins, Major Alan Meredith and Captain Martyn Scrimshaw from the Salvation Army, and Cheryl Mackenzie from the Ford Motor Company, on a tour of the new centre.

The trauma centre, which will compliment Westcare’s holiday home in Port Arlington, features a theatre room, pool table, open fireplace and access to farmland, as well as housing up to seven people with plans to add 4 more beds in the near future.

After having secured the site earlier this year, Westcare can now take children suffering from childhood trauma to a place that encourages wellness and a chance to recuperate in a safe rural environment.

A big thank you to Alan Milkins, Alan Meredith, Martyn Scrimshaw and Cheryl Mackenzie for attending the opening of the new trauma recovery centre and for The Salvation Army and The Ford Motor Company’s continual support in assisting Westcare to make spaces like the new trauma recovery centre possible for young people in care.

Learn more about our therapeutic trauma recovery centre here.


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Major Alan Milkins, Major Alan Meredith and Captain Martyn Scrimshaw

with Westcare's Peter Mulholland, Peter Annesley and John Avent. 

The property will serve as a safe space for young people

to recieve and benefit from tailored therapeutic support in care