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Trauma Recovery Centre

Trauma Recovery Centre

Earlier this year, Westcare secured a site in Kerrisdale to make way for a new trauma recovery centre.

Senior Manager for Residential Services, Peter Annesely, emphasised the need to continually build on the programs that Westcare provides.

“We wanted to add to the suite of services that Westcare delivers, in partnership with the Ford Motor Company.”

After the loss of Bambara (supported by Ford) in the 2007 Black Saturday bushfires, Westcare needed a new space for young people suffering as a result of childhood trauma.

“We needed a site that would be able to remove young people from stressful situations and provide them with an environment that promotes healing.”

This intervention is crucial in this healing process.

Retreat spaces are in high demand and often have long waiting lines. With the new recovery centre, Westcare will be able to deliver tailored support to high-risk young people when their safety and wellbeing is compromised.

“We’re able to take kids there when they need it rather than be in a waiting line for a retreat space."

Wellness is core to Westcare’s services and mission. Westcare’s holiday home in Portarlington also plays a large role in caring for young people and foster families who need a break.

“Our Portarlington property provides a sea change, Kerrisdale will provide the tree change.”