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Reconnect Program

This month, our residential services team established ‘Reconnect’, an animal-assisted therapy program for young people in residential care.

The tailored package is hosted at a stable in Melbourne’s West, where young people have the opportunity to both learn how to care for horses and have the opportunity to ride with them.

Residential Unit Manager, Chrystal, kick- started the program. She’s proud to collaborate with a well experienced team to deliver a program that will have positive outcomes for a young person’s mental, physical, social and emotional health.


“The staff… are well versed in working with at risk youth, with the programs manager being a foster carer for many years. The riding instructor is a retired police woman and the equine massage therapist on site has had an extensive career in therapy and yoga instructing.”


After the program’s first session, Chrystal was thrilled by the response by young one person who participated in the program:


“Our young person in the program described her experience as one of the best times of her life and that she had never felt so relaxed and connected to an animal before.”