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Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation Scholarships 2017

The Salvation Army Westcare recently hosted its annual Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation Trust Scholarship presentations.

Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation trustees Harry Carrodus and Martin Carlson, along with The Salvation Army Social Program Secretary Jenny Begent, joined children, young people, staff and foster carers to celebrate the academic pursuits of the scholarship recipients.

19 children and young people, 4 Westcare staff and 1 staff member from an external agency were awarded scholarships to help further their education and cover the cost of essential education items.  

This is Westcare and the Foundation’s 15th year in partnership and with the awarding of this year’s scholarships, The Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation has now supported 280 children, young people and staff in furthering their education.

Also present was Thanh Truong, who grew up in foster care with Westcare, and is a previous Hugh D.T. Williamson Scholar as well as the inaugural Harry Carrodus Scholar Award recipient.

Thanh, who has a Bachelor degree in Biomedicine and has just completed the first year of his Doctor of Medicine, spoke of how vital the support of The Foundation was to him during his high school studies and how the funding he received played a big role in being able to pursue his dream of completing further education.

Thanh then addressed the children and young people present and told them that as young people in care they are “resilient” and that they will “always be able to get back up after being knocked down”, and to put that same level of strength and resilience into their education.

Westcare General Manager, Peter Mulholland, spoke of his pride at being able to present the recipients with their scholarships.

"The generous funding that the Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation provides to deliver these scholarships will have a life long effect on the recipients and support their educational aspirations moving forward. It makes me extremely proud to be General Manager of this organisation on days like today.”

For the children and young people who received scholarships, the funding will subsidise or contribute towards the costs of private tutoring, educational programs and essential learning tools such as iPads, workbooks and laptops.

For Westcare staff, Hugh D.T. Williamson funding will support workers to continue to build on their skillset and enhance their knowledge base so that Westcare can continue to deliver exceptional outcomes for the young people in it’s care.

Peter M HW
Westcare General Manager Peter Mulholland

Thanh Truong

hugh williamson pres

Harry Carrodus, Thanh Truong, Peter Mulholland & Martin Carlson

Meet the Recpients

Sally Gilbert
Masters of Child and Adolescent Development and Welfare

“The Hugh D.T. Williamson Scholarship is very important to me, as without it I wouldn't be able to complete my study. I'm currently undertaking a Masters of Child and Adolescent Development and Welfare. This course will enable me to enhance my knowledge further, building on from my Youth Work degree I obtained in 2009."

"Hugh Williamson has funded my entire schooling for this year, which has allowed me to relax and focus on my learning rather than stressing about how I'm going to pay for it. My mother really pushed education when I was growing up, as my parents did not have many opportunities, and wanted to ensure that I understood the importance of where it can take you and how it can change your situation. As a result, I am the first person in my family that has completed secondary schooling, as well as a degree and soon, a Masters."

"I work with very vulnerable children and young people who have experienced extensive trauma, which is a large focus of my masters. This course will enhance my skills and knowledge, enabling me to take my practice to the ‘next level’.” 




Alyce Huggard
Bachelor of Youth Work

“I am extremely grateful to receive this Hugh D.T. Williamson Scholarship, as it will help me to complete the final year of my Youth Work degree without having to worry about the financial burden that comes with studying at University. Now the only thing I have to worry about is the hours spent in lectures at night time!”

“I am passionate about furthering my education and understanding best practice of working with and supporting vulnerable young people. Through completing this course, and along with the other courses I have completed, I will have a thorough and extensive understanding of the various aspects of youth work and will be able to effectively contribute back to the Out of Home Care sector in my current role as Continuing Care Case Manager.”

“I feel privileged to work for an organisation which is proactive and values supporting its staff’s professional development and educational pursuits. ”

Sally Gilbert