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Community Spirit Program

The Community Spirit Program was in full force this month, where 25 disadvantaged people in the Sunshine Corps community were provided with a warm meal for dinner.

Who provided these meals?

A fantastic team of young people and staff in Westcare’s residential units.

The Community Spirit project is a collaborative project between Westcare and Sunshine Corps.

All fresh produce used in the meals were sourced from the Sunshine Community Garden, a space shared by Westcare, SASHS and the Sunshine Corps.

Westcare’s chaplain, Rob Champion was proud of the young people’s commitment to helping those in their community and embracing the opportunity to demonstrate leadership.

“They cooked a fabulous meal… [where] people commented they could taste those fresh veggies from our garden and loved it.”

“The kids really stepped up when it became busy and [one young person] baked a special cake.”

“They really embraced the experience of giving to others.”

For one of Westcare’s residential workers, Leah, the highlight was the opportunity to both show young people how to cook with fresh food and then pass that forward to the people who need it most.

“It was great that we used fresh vegetables from the Sunshine community garden to make a delicious meal for everyone. Everyone seemed to really appreciate and enjoy the meal.”

“I truly believe that the kids felt a sense of pride during this experience. One of the kids wanted to make a cake for the night. She did a fantastic job and everyone enjoyed that sweet treat after the main meal. Throughout the night, the kids were serving, making small talk with everyone and they always had a smile on their face.”

The program will continue monthly, with each unit taking turns to get into the kitchen and plate up for those who need it most. 

A big thank you to Rob Champion and Sunshine Corps Officers Colin and Phoung Reynolds for facilitating this collaborative program to ensure we can achieve great outcomes for the people we work with.

Community Spirit Cake