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Annual General Manager's Awards 2016

31st August


The Salvation Army Westcare celebrated it's Annual General Manager’s Awards 2016 on Wednesday, at Montanasa Studios in Kealba.

Major Alan Meredith and Captain Martyn Scrimshaw joined Westcare staff, young people, volunteers and community members to highlight the achievements and milestones of those associated with The Salvation Army Westcare.

While guests gathered, they were treated to music performed by Ava and Mia Sorbara, which was warmly recieved by all.

Westcare's Annual General Manager, Peter Mulholland, opened the evening differently this year by first recognising staff and foster carers, or "the people at the heart of what we do", for reaching significant milestones in their care of children and work for Westcare respectively.

Carer Milestones:


With sincere gratitude & in recognition of their outstanding commitment and dedication in caring for children with The Salvation Army Westcare.

5 Years Service:

Diane Fowler                                             2nd June 2016
Geoff & Nicole McLardie                           22nd September 2016
Kim & John Muscat                                  19th December 2016

10 Years Service:

Meg Watts                                                21st December 2016
Sandra Rowe                                            3rd May 2016

15 Years Service:

Vince Attard                                              20th April 2016

20 Years Service:

Carol Davey                                              30th September 2016
Barb and Bob Paterson                            14th June 2016

30 Years Service:

Leonie Patterson                                       12th June 2017

Staff Milestones:


With sincere gratitude & in recognition of their outstanding commitment and dedication to young people and staff with The Salvation Army Westcare.

10 Years Service:

Carolyn Arney                                            16th January 2016
Lisa Melilli                                                   28th March 2016
Wesley Philpott                                           28th March 2016
Peter Cameron                                            1st May 2016
Mary Barrett                                                18th December 2016

15 Years Service:

Rosemary Malcolm                                     11th March 2016
Vicki Manning                                              30th August 2016

20 Years Service:

Kerry Marshall                                             27th November 2015


The evening concluded with the General Manager's Awards. The aim of these awards is to recognise, celebrate, encourage and reward work of the highest standard, demonstrated by the contribution and commitment of current staff, volunteers and Westcare's community partners who work so very hard to make the world a better place for our children, young people and their families.

The awarding of The Major Doug Thomas Human Dignity Memorial Award was especially emotional for all those present, as Westcare’s Administration Team was recognised for the support they have given to one of their own during an ongoing battle with cancer.

The recipients:

The Compassion Innovative Practice Award

Highly Commended: Kym, Shift Coordinator
Winner: Eugene Sinagra, Database Development & Administrative Coordinator

The Positive Partnership Community Award

External Partnership Winner: Catherine Cavanagh, Take Two Berry Street

Internal Partnership Winner: Karryn Laurie, SASHS

The Hope Quiet Achiever Award

Highly Commended: Chloe Desira, Lead Tenant Case Manager

Winner: Lyndel Cochrane, Case Manager ICMS

General Manager’s Award for Excellence

Highly Commended: Chrystal Moore, Unit Manager

Winner: Belinda Allen, Therapeutic Intervention and Assessment Program Manager

The Major Doug Thomas Human Dignity Memorial Award:

Highly Commended: Rebecca Jones, Program Manager

Winner: Carol Almond, Sam Howse, Kylie Forbes, Bao Ngo, Joanne Philpot, Sharon Mulholland - Administration Team

Great Outcomes for Kids Awards

Sandra Rowe recieving her Milestone award for 10 years of service

Wesley Philpott reciving his milestone award for 10 years Service

Carol Davey recieved a milestone award for 20 years of service

Peter Mulholland, General Manager The Salvation Army Westcare

Chloe Desira, Recipient of The Hope Quiet Achiever Highly Commended Award

Bao Ngo, Sharon Mulholland, Sam Howse and Kylie Forbes, Winners of The Major Doug Thomas Human Dignity Memorial Award

Annual General Manager's Awards 2016 Gallery