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Westcare appointed in Ministerial Advisory Committee

On Friday the 27th of February, Westcare General Manager Peter Mulholland attended the first meeting of Minister for Families & Children’s Ministerial Advisory Committee.

As a member of the Ministerial Committee for Children in Out of Home Care, Peter will be attending quarterly meetings to represent and give voice to children, staff and carers in the Out of Home sector at Westcare.

For Peter, being selected in the Minister’s Committee is crucial in representing the voices at Westcare. 

“Being on the Committee is important to me because the voices of our kids, carers and staff need to be heard. Representing The Salvation Army enables me to express the thoughts of those who experience Out-of-Home-Care on a daily basis and advocate for better outcomes on their behalf.”

Minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos, emphasised the value of Foster Carers in Out of Home Care.

“Foster carers are the unsung heroes of the out-of-home care system. They protect vulnerable children and we need to attract more people to these vital roles and support those who are already involved.”

Opportunities to strengthen Foster Care campaigns and work on the retention of volunteers is paramount at Westcare, where we are actively seeking new volunteers to help support young people in Victoria’s West.

If you would like to become a Foster Carer or would like to learn more, click here.

Peter will be joined with representatives from Children’s Protection Society, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, CREATE foundation, Australian Services Union, Foster Care Association of Victoria, Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare and other non- Government agencies.

Source: @JennyMikakos