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Westcare Gets Involved in The Red Shield Appeal

On the 30th and 31st of May, staff and carers from Westcare volunteered their time to collect for The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal.

The Appeal, which this year celebrated 50 years, has so far counted $4,882,039 nationally as of Sunday night. Victoria raised a total of $1,257,173.

Rob Champion, Westcare’s Chaplain, reflected on the fundraising effort.

“About 10 volunteered their time to collect at traffic lights and static points in the Brimbank /Sunshine area also other Westcare staff and Carers participated in other areas across the Melbourne Central Division.”

For Rob, The Red Shield appeal is crucial in supporting programs for Australians who need it most.


“The Red Shield appeal is vital to the continuing work of the Salvation Army to meet the needs and struggles that many of our fellow Aussies face on a daily basis. Without the generous support of the public this would not be possible.”


Being a part of The Salvation Army is something that Rob takes enormous pride in. He reflected warmly about the Appeal’s ability to connect with contributors who also believe in the work of the Salvos.


“Seeing people’s generosity first hand always warms my heart and I guess it’s the "feel good factor", knowing your part of something greater.”


“Doing something that helps others ‘Others' is a word that carries strong symbolism for Salvationists. We are told that General William Booth, the Founder, once sent a telegram to officers around the world. It contained a greeting expressed in a single word - ‘Others'.”


If you would still like to donate to the Red Shield Appeal, click here.

Westcare's Chaplain Rob Champion collecting for the Appeal in Sunshine.

Sunshine Corps Officer Collin with Laura at Bunnings in Caroline Springs