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22nd June


During Peter Mulholland's visit to The Salvation Army's William Booth Boys Home in Indonesia in November 2014, he asked if there was anything Westcare could do to help support the young people in their care.

Staff at the boy's home then asked if they could donate a computer to help the boys complete their homework and studies. 

Peter reflected on his trip:

"After my visit to the William Booth Boys Home in Denpasar, Bali, I was touched by how happy the boys seemed to be in the home but shocked to learn how little they had. I asked Major Wilifried what we could do from a Westcare perspective to support the work that they do? He replied that a computer to assist the boys with their homework would be a welcome gift. When we think of the technology here and the access our kids have to computers, ipads, iphones etc. I thought one computer probably wouldn't cut it, so I donated funds to purchase two computers on behalf of Westcare. That equated to about $800 AUS which I thought was easily achievable from our end." 

This week, the home sent Westcare a photo with 2 computers that we have donated to the home. 

Peter is optimistic that this donation will support the growth and development of the boys in their learning. 

"These boys now have access to 2 computers in their home that they didn't have before. The donation will assist them with their education and also allow them to access games for recreational purposes. Access to the World Wide Web on-site opens up many doors for these boys."

Peter welcomes staff to get involved in supporting the Boys Home and is interested in hearing ways that staff can pull together to make further donations. He envisages future donations could include playground equipment, which will continue to help create a positive environement for the young people in care. 

"I encourage all Westcare staff that are thinking of visiting Bali in the future to put aside a day to visit this facility and I am happy to arrange this on their behalf. I would like to think that we can donate some more funds in the future."


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The boys are excited to use their two new computers