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Holiday Care Program

Kerryn Wilby didn’t believe she could become a Foster Carer because she worked full time.

After making an enquiry about Foster Care, she learned that she could provide flexible care through the Holiday Care Program. Working around her busy work schedule, Kerryn has been able to support both kids and long term carers. 

“Foster Care isn’t always about long-term care, where our Holiday Care Program allows carers to provide flexible care arrangements to allow carers a break.”

As well as giving those carers a break, the program also plays an integral role in enhancing the wellbeing of young people, by creating a community of people who care for them.

Those involved in the program are available to open their homes to a young person for 12 weekends a year. However, this year Kerryn purchased 4 weeks of additional leave in order to provide more respite care.

“At the moment I’m currently provided respite care for 2 weeks for a very young 16 year old girl and she’s fantastic, it’s been great.”

Becoming a Carer has been invaluable to Kerryn, where she has gained a fresh perspective on life: “[Young people] have an impact on your life, you actually start the world through their eyes,” she said.

Although she doesn’t look after young people on a full-time basis, Kerryn still keeps in contact with the young people who have come into her care through phone calls and visits.

“I get to maintain my own work life balance… as well as organize special things on the side for the next time I see that particular child during my care.”

Watch Kerryn’s full interview below: