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$43 Million Funding Announcement

Today Minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos, announced $43 million will be given to support young Victorians in Care.  


Westcare General Manager, Peter Mulholland, welcomed the funding announcement and emphasised the change it would bring for young people entering into care.    


"It has been common practice at Westcare for many years now to avoid children under 12 entering our Residential Services and we are delighted that with this injection of funding, that hopefully now this will be common practice across the state."   


He also underscored the current Government’s commitment to supporting young people in home based care arrangements, such as Foster Care.  


"Directing funds to support our most vulnerable children and young people to live in home based care arrangements just makes sense and it is evident that the Andrew's Labor Government in particular Minister Mikakos are committed to supporting such sensible arrangements."


This new funding announcement comes after reports on the strain of available Foster Care placements, Carer retention rates and a need for stronger recruitment campaigns. It is projected with an increase in funding, primary school aged children won’t have to enter Residential Care and other options can be explored.   


"This funding will enable us to look at more flexible arrangements for kids in Residential Care that don't need to be there and have been placed in Residential Care due to lack of flexibility in the current care arrangements or been placed there because this flexibility did not previously exist."