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Creating Dreams

The Creating Dreams Project seeks to recognise the efforts and achievements of young people in Victoria's West. Unfortunately, many young people have to overcome extraordinary challenges to reach their potential, which often goes unrecognised. Read the stories below to see how Creating Dreams is helping young people. To learn more about the project and how you can get involved, click here.  

10th June

Today Creating Dreams celebrated the achievements of two young people. 

Tony* was presented with a Creating Dreams certificate and a voucher to purchase sporting gear for the local football club he is engaged with. He has shown remarkable progress in keeping focused in his classes and being an active member in his sporting community. His unit worker and case manager excitedly reflected that the positive changes Tony has been making in his life and how valuable he is to his sporting team.

Monika* was also presented with a certificate to acknowledging her efforts in rehabilitation. The Creating Dreams project wanted to further encourage Monika to make positive changes by presenting her with a voucher to buy art supplies and gym gear. Unit workers at her residential unit gathered for her presentation. They warmly congratulated her achievement and reinforced their belief in her that she can continue to take control of her life and make a difference. 

* names changed

28th April


For Ben* learning has always been a challenge. Struggling with ADHD and ODD has made attending school and keeping focused in class an effort. His absence from schooling continued when he relocated to a school to cater to his special needs.

However since the beginning of this year, Ben has shown great effort in giving his education another go. He has successfully completed Term 1 in one-to-one tutoring with his educational support worker. Ben is determined to continue working with his tutor and to return to school when he is ready.


As well as acknowledging his progress in learning with a certificate, Creating Dreams also wanted to recognise Ben’s achievements with a new scooter. It’s with this gift that Ben can re-engage in positive exercise in his local community, participate in skate park festivals and ultimately feel proud in his abilities. 


* name changed

17th April


Today, The Creating Dreams Project recognised 19 year old Samuel* for his outstanding achievements in transitioning into independent living. 


Having spent most of his childhood in Foster Care, Samuel recently moved into Westcare’s Transitional Services Program (TSAY). 

During Samuel’s time in the TSAY program, he has modeled proactive behaviour. He has demonstrated a willingness to learn and engage in essential life skills such as cleaning, budgeting and cooking with success.


Program manager for Transitional Services, Ralph Salera, noted Samuel’s determination in his journey to transition into independent living.


Ralph emphasised his confidence in Samuel’s ability to use the skills he has learned throughout his time in the TSAY program and apply them in his own life.


His case manager, Alyce, nominated Samuel for the award. She warmly reflected on his initiative to start a flower and herb garden in the property and see the project through to completion.

To acknowledge his hard work, the Creating Dreams Project presented Samuel with a Collingwood Football Club Membership. The diehard football fan was also given a Collingwood jumper to wear and parade.

The Creating Dreams Project congratulates Samuel on the hard work he has invested in ensuring he has a positive future.